Every skill needs to be nourished.

Here, you can read sample texts from the ‘Visible’ newsletter:

Sample 1: Reflection is an act of creation.

In silence, a new can be created. Clarity is in the silence. Answers can be found in silence. I also found some of them in the last weeks of silence. I gained more clarity on what to let go of and what to focus on. Below is a photo from my holidays that illustrates that state to me. There are sails in this photo. I took it on a boat. When I was sailing I felt deeply what it meant to be here and now. Not to think about anything that is not what you are doing now.

Sample 2: There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. – Vincent Van Gogh

Our small, the artistically designed handbook is just coming out. In it, you will read about how, thanks to biographical photos, life albums and various souvenirs, it is possible to restore to the elderly or those who are departing moments of dignity, closeness, tenderness and forgetfulness about what is inevitable. We wrote about how to soothe pain and loneliness and help you come to terms with your life by recognizing that there are more than just everyday facts that give meaning and value to the human condition. We also included several photos from Tina’s work, from her meetings with older people, when pictures and albums of her life appear in her hands to spend a worthy and valuable time together.