About Me

My coaching was born with my heart.

Dorota Raniszewska


I am a coach, mentor and author of books and coaching tools living in Warsaw, Poland, working worldwide.

I am. I’m a human being. A loving and caring one. A brave and trustful one. A wise and fair one. And as we all are by our human nature. I help people to notice and use these strengths inside themselves. I assist them in moving from inner shadows to the light outside.

I help people to become visible to themselves and get the joy of life back. I help to find Wholeness through a journey beyond the surface of self-image and social roles. In a creative process of coaching with Photography, people connect to their strengths, inner wisdom and purpose in life, build bridges between past experiences and future possibilities. I believe that personal photos are like good stars on the way home.

I’m a coach and mentor, EMCC, IC, Senior P., certified trainer, leader, the books author, an explorer of the power of Photography, artistic expression and intuition.

Photography has been my way to connect to myself and the world outside, get closer to my emotions, and express them creatively. ‘Photo walks’ supported my well being and positive thinking. Family photos guided me to integrate myself. I found my roots, healed wounds, understood the strengths of generations and my own life experience.

‘I am’ is the word * That makes me feel closer * To where I genuinely live *Home is inside me.

I combine and apply the principles of different methods in various individual dynamics. I propose work based on thoughts, emotions and body awareness, positive psychology, trauma-informed Coaching, exploration of pictures and life snapshots, combined with mindfulness, meditation and forest therapy practices.

To create peace

Stop the race

Calm is inside you

Stay at your place

Let your heart warm it

Protect it with your smile

Fill it with your breath

Harmony is a state

When we don’t fight against

But care for each other and ourselves.’