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Coaching helps people change in the way they wish and go in the direction they want to go. Photos are landmarks and good stars on the way home. — Do Raniszewska

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photos in leadership and team development and coaching Photos in Team and Leadership Coaching. Help me to win! March 19, 2019 - I have an opportunity to present Techniques of photography and photographs in coaching and personal development to a big stage at a very big HR Congress in May this year if my entry in this competition wins the most votes. I dream about giving a speech & presentation about “Photos in Team and Leadership Coaching“. If […]
to go outside with the camera Taking photos helps to regain life energy March 7, 2019 - Taking photos can be very helpful in depression, anxiety, a decrease of mental and physical energy, stress. I’ve been going out with my camera for years when I didn’t feel well enough, or my mind was anxious. And, I observed how quickly my energy was back each time I went out to take photos. The […]
Openning the mind to the ideas -back to childhood, fun, ease, release February 20, 2019 - “When you have nothing, the imagination works twice. It’s like a muscle. “- Luc Besson. In one of the interviews, Luc Besson, the creator of the Great Blue, Nikita, Leon The Processional, recalled his childhood. He walked around the city and thought up games because he did not have toys. He invented different stories, wandering […]
developing creativity Developing creativity February 17, 2019 - One of the elements of developing creativity is discovering your inner landscapes in the external landscape. The muses, which are our inspiration, live in streams, tufts of grass, among the leaves of trees, on a park bench, on an old woman’s windowsill, just everywhere. They are colors, reflections, light and shadow, sounds, rustles, blasts of […]
creativity in coaching by dorota raniszewska Everyone can create February 12, 2019 - Creative activities undertaken for pleasure, without “must”, “I can”, letting myself be an amateur, are a source of joy. It’s communing with the muse, inspiration, inspiration that we need in everyday life. From my experience, I know that from the very time I look around, listen to, and look, beautiful frames, scenes, and experiences emerge […]
self expression and creativity through photography Photos – a way to express our admiration for the world January 30, 2019 - photo by Alejandro Alvarez on Unsplash All text and photos on this website are © Copyright 2018 by Dorota Raniszewska; All Rights Reserved
Flowers stories January 19, 2019 - The world around is beautiful, nature in harmony. You have to go very close to discover its message, feel the peace it brings. Just stop, crouch. Enter the fairy-tale world, which is woven with light, shadow, reflections, and clearances. Flowers talk about sensitivity, tenderness, love. They are eternally alive. In the spring colorful, firm and […]
Photos help us to express ourselves January 8, 2019 - Sometimes it is difficult to express in words what we feel and experience. Sometimes it is easier to just show it, saying for example: “I feel now like this woman in the picture” and thanks to that I can unblock a further story. All text and photos on this website are © Copyright 2018 by […]
Our photos are records of our ways, states, emotions, achievements and fulfilled dreams. January 2, 2019 - All text and photos on this website are © Copyright 2018 by Dorota Raniszewska; All Rights Reserved
Seeking beauty through lenses May 23, 2018 - Sometimes, it may be hard to get up and appreciate the gift of the day. The image which we have of our lives and our day may be unhappy, sometimes. When it happens, I go outside to look for beauty and harmony. Nature around us is very beautiful and to see beauty is a choice. […]


All text and photos on this website are © Copyright 2018 by Dorota Raniszewska; All Rights Reserved