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Coaching helps people change in the way they wish and go in the direction they want to go. Photos are landmarks and good stars on the way home. — Do Raniszewska

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Photos help us to express ourselves January 8, 2019 - Sometimes it is difficult to express in words what we feel and experience. Sometimes it is easier to just show it, saying for example: “I feel now like this woman in the picture” and thanks to that I can unblock a further story.
Our photos are records of our ways, states, emotions, achievements and fulfilled dreams. January 2, 2019 -   All text and photos on this website are © Copyright 2018 by Dorota Raniszewska; All Rights Reserved
Seeking beauty through lenses May 23, 2018 - Sometimes, it may be hard to get up and appreciate the gift of the day. The image which we have of our lives and our day may be unhappy, sometimes. When it happens, I go outside to look for beauty and harmony. Nature around us is very beautiful and to see beauty is a choice. […]
On Self-Portrait May 11, 2018 - Self-portraits are a way to look at yourself from the outside in. The process of making a self-portrait, which includes posing and snapping the picture, is a way of getting to know yourself, to make contact, to express yourself. It’s a pursuit, examination and attempts to understand what we’re made of. It’s the beginning of a continuous […]
Photographs speak about us April 26, 2018 - Each photo we take has a beginning. It is an impulse from inside our minds as we see something. It can be stairs, turning points, curvy lines that cross the straight lines, the borders and the horizons, green grass and rust. We discover ourselves “out there,” as the images we see around us are the […]
The power of photography April 15, 2018 - What photos are made from? You could answer that they are made from light and time. And this is correct. But I would answer that photos are made from people perceptions and choices to see things. And it is also true. In both cases, invisible becomes visible. This is the power of the photography. 15.04.2018 […]


All text and photos on this website are © Copyright 2018 by Dorota Raniszewska; All Rights Reserved