Your personal photos are landmarks and good stars on your way home. 

Dorota Raniszewska

My name is Dorota Raniszewska and I’m fascinated by photography as ways to explore, experience and express ourselves. Our personal photos, pictures from our past help to become aware of our identities, character strengths and gifts we had received from ancestors, friends, other people we met. Combined with powerful coaching questions, our photos are helpful in transforming self-perceptions – to get out from the box of negative narratives about ourselves and start building on the mindset of capabilities, abundance and connection.

My story as a coach using photography began in 2007 with one old picture – a portrait of an unknown woman. This photo helped me to discover the story of my family and meet many people around the earth who shared with me true stories about my roots. Old photos were like bridges between me and other people. Since then, I’ve been developing my practice of photography in personal growth and my portfolio includes coaching, team facilitation, women development and teacher education programs.

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More on my Background:
– EMCC and Polish Chamber of Coaching accreditations
– Kozminsky University, Post-graduate diploma in „Professional Coaching”
– Trainer School Heuresis (1-year program, CIPD standards)
– Licensed Motivational Maps™ Practitioner
– Warsaw University, Roman Philology, Master degree, 1991-1996

I write an inspirational photo-blog since 2011: Dorota’s BLOG

That was my honor to have received a personal recommendation from Judy Weiser, the world authority in PhotoTherapy Techniques attesting to her belief that I am definitely qualified to teach or train Coaches about how to adapt her Phototherapy Techniques into their own practices (her entire “Letter of Support” appears below).

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