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Photography in personal development, healing, and education. Notes from a personal journey.
Author: Dorota Raniszewska

ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS is a unique book on using Photography in Coaching and personal development. The book was published in 2016 under the patronage of the International Coach Federation. It is about images, personal growth, and creative integration of the use of Photography with professional coaching techniques and storytelling. It takes the reader on a journey of inner research and self-expression through the world of images, personal snapshots and meanings that enable open and creative communication. The book is a valuable resource for coaches who want to use photos to inspire their clients to authenticity, vulnerability, courage. It provides descriptions of exercises and learning actions helpful in individual, group and team Coaching, building communities and collaborative teams, building connection and trust among people. It describes innovative tools and techniques for self-awareness and free expression of thoughts and opinions from that every coach can benefit. It encourages creativity in Coaching.

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Odin Obraz – Mnogo Smysłov
Author: Dorota Raniszewska 


“Odin Obraz – Mnogo Smysłov” is the translation of “One Image – Many Words”, a bestseller about photography in coaching, therapy and education. The book is about photographs’ personal and emotional meanings and the transformational power of photography in mental health and well-being practices. It was translated and published by Genesis Book Publishing. Here is the link to Publisher’s page where you can buy the book: 

Using Photography to support patients in palliative care.
Authors: Tina Ruisinger and Dorota Raniszewska

We created this handbook between August 2020 – April 2021. We shared ideas about how we can use Photography and phototherapy methods to support patients in palliative care.

Contents include the following topics:

The handbook includes chapters on:

  • Palliative Care
  • Phototherapy Techniques
  • Photography in our lives
  • Objectives and reasons for using Photography in palliative care
  • Phototherapy and dignity in palliative care
  • Sample activities for using Photography in palliative care
  • Sample questions for sparking discussions
  • Selected testimonials

Number of pages: 52


The Power of Photography
Author: Dorota Raniszewska

I created this inspirational eBook at the beginning of the pandemic in order to disseminate ideas about how to use Photography to calm the mind, find purpose, and make moments of joy at home.

The eBook includes chapters on:

  • Family photos strengthen the sense of security and self-esteem in children and adolescents.
  • Photography helps to stop the race of thoughts and gain inner peace.
  • Photography is fun, brings moments of joy to the family and helps to develop creative skills.
  • Keeping a photo diary helps to regain a sense of meaning and direction.
  • Telling stories about personal photos helps to build respect and a sense of uniqueness.

Number of pages: 40

(Kindle Edition)
Photography in personal development, healing, and education. Notes from a personal journey.
Author: Dorota Raniszewska

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