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Do (Dorota) Raniszewska

My name is Dorota Raniszewska and I’m fascinated by photography as a means to experience and express ourselves. I’ve been developing my practice of photography in personal growth since 2007 already and my experience includes coaching, team facilitation, personal growth programs for women, teacher education.

My passion is an inspiring, creative work with people that supports their happiness, self-fulfillment and care. I help people to discover and achieve a state of what I call “being fully responsible for your own life”.

My values are love, life, harmony, health, kindness, respect, humility, beauty, and peace. I have a gift of integrating action- and problem-solving-orientation with a sensitivity and relationship-care. My key motivation is growth. And the key character strength is love. I’m also a writer.

I’m a certified professional coach and mentor. Accredited EMCC Coach and Mentor – Senior Practitioner level. Accredited IC Coach (IC stands for the Coaching Chamber in Poland).

During individual sessions with me I invite you to discover your power through photography in coaching. There is something very unique about photography in our lives nowadays. We all take photos and communicate through them every day. Every important moment or relationship and reflection is in a photo. Our biographies are illustrated in our personal snapshots and family albums. We can use these photos in coaching in order to help ourselves to re-focus attention from lack to abundance, replace negative narratives with positive ones, and plan the future from a perspective of growth and lasting. I help my clients to discover their strengths in their personal photos. Imagine how you are inspired and feel more powerful by finding your strengths inside yourself and in your photos! It sound like really getting home! Moreover, during a multi-session coaching process, I invite you to take photos between the sessions to help you learn new habits of a healthy life and positive mind. It is a creative and empowering journey!

Today we are all under the constant influence of information, pressure and inspiration from social media. A sense of scarcity is often built which lowers the sense of one’s own competence, personal power and readiness to realize one’s vision of life. What’s more, negative habits are formed that lower the quality of life, such as over-reading social media, constantly listening or watching something, lack of regular practice of movement and pause, contact with one’s deep thoughts and with one’s internal space where silence and peace of mind are available.

Therefore, more and more people are looking for a path to themselves through self-reflection during coaching as well as within the framework of practices involving the body and mind, such as yoga, meditation, and handicraft.

To learn to live our life, learn to be free from constant influence of external information and find peace within yourself, do a work of discovering your uniqueness and what you already have. What are your natural character strengths and your personal gift that you use to shape your life. I think it is worth answering the question of “what I already have, what is strong and valuable in me” and found your life on it.

And personal photos are very helpful in this. I have developed a coaching practice in which personal photos help people discover their powers, what they already have, appreciate it and, plan their next steps from the perspective of wealth. Moreover, I invite my clients to practice photography as a technique that changes their habits and self-perception between sessions. A similar way to the 21-days challenges.

I published three books, two in Polish, and one in English called “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing and education. Notes from a personal journey”, available for Kindle on Amazon.com. You can access it HERE

I write an inspirational photo-blog since 2011: Dorota’s BLOG

My Background:
– Kozminsky University, Post-graduate diploma in „Professional Coaching”
– Trainer School Heuresis (1-year program, CIPD standards)
– Licensed Motivational Maps™ Practitioner
– Certified Trainer in Points of You®
– Warsaw University, Roman Philology, Master degree, 1991-1996

That was my honor to have received a personal recommendation from Judy Weiser, the world authority in PhotoTherapy Techniques attesting to her belief that I am definitely qualified to teach or train Coaches about how to adapt her Phototherapy Techniques into their own practices (her entire “Letter of Support” appears below).


Contact to Dorota Raniszewska: e-mail: dorota@obrazwcoachingu.pl

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