Coaching with photography

Immersed in Empathy

How do you want to live, and in what world? How do you want to feel every day, act and grow? What world do you want to create for you and your children? Coaching is about going in the direction you wish to go. It is about taking actions and following a way that includes your vision, values and strengths.

Let me assist you on your journey towards your goals using a powerful and creative way that combines Coaching and Photography. Your photos might serve you as landmarks and good stars on the way home.


ImpulsDoubt everything, find your light. – Buddha * One session when you want to clarify something or make a decision, e.g. you just quit your work, you want to start something new, but right now you feel confused about what first.

Time for ChangeWhat we think, we become. – Buddha * Six sessions – when you want to work on a selected area of your personal life or professional life.

Finding WholenessThe way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. – Buddha. * Eight sessions with personal photographs and new photo-taking when you need a more profound transformation in life, your integration and transformation towards happiness, emotional freedom, return to yourself.

Life Portrait projectIt is never too late to complete your birth. – Buddha. * Nine sessions to integrate continuity and purpose of life through building a Life Portrait. I highly recommend it to the elderly and those going through traumatic times in their live, e.g. surgeries, sickness.

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More information about my background

  • Accredited EMCC Coach & Mentor, Senior Practitioner
  • EMCC Global Accreditation E.I.A. Mentor
  • Accredited Coach – Polish Chamber of Coaching
  • Licensed Motivational Maps Practitioner
  • Certified Soul Body Fusion Practitioner
  • More than 15 years of experience in Dance and Movement Therapy and body awareness techniques
  • Working in the stream of Trauma-Informed Coaching and Somatic Coaching
  • Author of the book “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing and education. Notes from a personal journey”
  • Creator of the coaching tool “AHA – photos that inspire”
  • From 1997 to 2008, I worked in corporate business and consulting. From 2009 I have been developing what I offer today independently


Working with Dorota was a great honour and an extraordinary pleasure for me. Reliable and professional guidance combined with humanity, her eyes full of goodness, sensitivity and a smile. In front of me, during our work, there was a human being who listened attentively, created space, understood while using only a few words. She understood me in silence. She saw what is often invisible to the eye. And she heard what was hard to say. It is a fantastic experience that will stay with me forever. I’m full of gratitude for this meeting, and I recommend working with Dorota to everyone, everyone who lives and feels consciously. To everyone who wants to live a better, deeper life, go towards the sun.

Anna Saługa, coach, forest bath practitioner, Certified AHA™ Practitioner and Trainer.

Dorota accompanied me on my coaching path, focusing on what I want for my future. Her presence as a coach was concrete, stable, respectful and intuitive, and highly empathetic. Her listening is very attentive, and her questions have allowed me to explore and deepen my thoughts and choices. Her special human touch enriches her as a coach. It has been a beautiful growth path.

Eleonora Bruni, Therapist, Italy

Dorota as a coach is excellent. She helps you to discover the right path and rediscover yourself. Working with Dorota is a great pleasure based on trust and a great relationship. He has a lot of experience and beautiful tools for working with the photos that help open up, understand and look at many things differently, and answer questions we did not know before. I highly appreciate the cooperation with Dorota.

Iwona Karolak, Photographer, Poland

First time I saw Dorota at her lecture online about her course Photography in coaching. One moment she proposed to imagine our most important photo. I closed my eyes, and I saw this photo. I knew in a few seconds which one from so many others. Everything she said after and before was compelling and moving. I was motivated to learn to work from her. Dorota is unique. She can hear and ask the questions at the moment when you need that. She can repeat what you said so that you think that is something new, what you need, and that is the right way. It is a pleasure to experience her questions technique. I could feel how she stays by the person and gives her wisdom without pressure. Don’t let others be smaller than you are. Said Dorota in one of our group supervisions. After one year of online training, I could meet Dorota in reality. In Warszawa, we had a morning coffee in one of her favourite coffee houses called ‘Perhaps’. Dorota is petite 😊 – but she is NOT small! And with her, you feel NOT small. Thank you, Dorota, for teaching and inspiring me.

Daiva Müllegger-Trečiokaitė, Counsellor, Austria

These few meetings were, for me, a profound and personal path of self-development. I was amazed that Dorota took me through many aspects of my life during this trial in such a short time. With sensitivity, respect, and brilliant following, it allowed me to find myself, resources, and competencies. She gave me space to find answers to my doubts, struggles and to touch my internal motivation to act. During the trial, I started to take step by step to implement my intentions, plans and dreams that had been in me for a long time. Meetings with Dorota are entering a new path without looking back in doubt. It is a fantastic job in a pleasant and safe atmosphere. Dorota is full of professionalism, sense, competence and reliability. I wholeheartedly recommend coaching work with Dorota. It is the best choice for me. I no longer stand still, only wondering what, how, where, whether. I act in tune with myself and forward. Full of faith, I use my resources and work on what I need to do. I know where I stand and feel motivated. I act. Thank you, Dorota 💓

Agnieszka Fedoczyńska-Kisiel, Music-Therapist, Poland

My feedback is deep gratitude for a beautiful self-discovery process whilst learning how to integrate these practices into a coaching approach. Like a bud opening to reveal the small blossoms within, I feel that this has created new beginnings, renewal, and opening to a vastness of opportunity and further exploration.

Alyson Smith, Coach and Consultant, South Africa

Dorota was at the same time “in front of me” – guiding me through the process, but at the same time “behind me” – not imposing anything, carefully following my needs and discoveries. At every stage, she took care of my comfort and boundaries, providing support when needed. She suggested possible directions of work without meaning what I should choose and excellent and effective work techniques. As a result, I set the goals, and I still use the results of the meetings. The work content with Dorota is very high, and I recommend her as a coach with a clear conscience. To use a metaphor: “Dorota in the coaching process is like a wind that is invisible, but it will push you and lead you to the port, as long as you unfurl the sails and hold the helm”.

Maciej Cześniak, Manager, Nederland

I am pleased to be writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Dorota Raniszewska. It was a real pleasure to have ten coaching sessions led by Dorota. She is the most professional coach I have ever cooperated with so far. It has been a year since finishing my coaching sessions and, since then, I have observed changes in my private and professional life. I believe they appeared possible thanks to coaching meetings. I feel gratitude for her guidance and welcomed atmosphere during sessions. Dorota is a patient and always attentive coach, devoting her full attention to a coachee. Without her guidance and many adequate questions, my progress and achievement of my goals would not have been possible. Nearly ten months of coaching have resulted in my improved motivation, better perception of myself and my strengths, trust in my capabilities and greater awareness of the influence of my emotions on my body. I have also gained greater self-confidence and drive to work on my long-term goals. Sessions with Dorota have encouraged me to self-reflect and investigate my inner resources more thoroughly. She always patiently assisted me by giving me the necessary time to voice my thoughts and supported me on my path to self-development. In my view, it all makes Dorota a perfect coach. In conclusion, Dorota Raniszewska has my respect and highest recommendation as both an extraordinary individual and exceptional coach. The coaching sessions directed me to take particular actions and influenced a lot of my decisions. I continue developing my skills and ways of thinking because sessions with Dorota have enriched me as a businesswoman, but yet, more importantly, also as a human being, woman, friend, wife, daughter and sister. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address provided above, if you have any questions. Sincerely,

Joanna Pawlowska, Chief Executive Officer, Vena Language Academy

As a coach, Dorota is exceptionally attentive to the client. She listens with all of herself, watches and asks difficult and precious questions! Each of my sessions with Dorota ended with a strong reflection. I had tasks to do, and I couldn’t imagine not doing them. I felt almost physically that I was in the change process and would not want to run away from this Change. The result of my coaching sessions with Dorota is a qualitative change in my life. Professional and personal. I’ve been working on WHY not just HOW. And it was a great value. I can look at everything that is happening in my life from my new level. It is easier for me to make decisions in harmony with myself, and they are more accurate. The challenges I take up give me more satisfaction. I know who I am, and I accept it, so I am more efficient. I know I can be a leader, and I am not afraid of this role. Dorota as a coach, is a friend full of healthy empathy.

Katarzyna Haftek-Lis, Trener Empatii, Photographer, Poland

Photography in Coaching with Dorota is much more than training! It’s an opportunity to go through a journey of self-discovery, development and creativity. Using images in this process helps you go deeper and feel the real impact this tool might have on our coachees. With a strong presence, powerful questions, and respect, Dorota creates a fantastic learning and development experience.

Ana Caetano, Personal Consultant, Coach, Portugal