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Do (Dorota) Raniszewska

Dorota Raniszewska Photography in Coaching

Dorota is a professional life and motivation coach and trainer, author of books and many articles. An expert in the field of Photography in Coaching and Personal Development. Licensed Motivational Maps™ Consultant, Certified Trainer in Points of You®. In the years 1997-2009 manager and consultant in HR: strategy, training and development, performance management and succession planning, in the banking sector, and consulting. She has been running her original development programs since 2009. Involved in social pro-public work for women and people with cancer. For several years, she has been actively developing Techniques of Photography in Coaching and Development.

The author of the book on photography in coaching and personal development, entitled ‘ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing, and education. Notes from a personal journey’, available for Kindle on Amazon: HERE.

The book was published first in Poland in 2016 under the ICF patronage – the International Coach Federation and had recommendations of leading coaches in Poland. Dorota teaches pioneering courses and workshops about photography and photographs in coaching and personal development as well as classes in various educational institutions.

Her work in photography in coaching takes from her professional and personal practice and had been inspired and influenced by the works of Judy Weiser [phototherapy-centre.com] and Points of You® [www.points-of-you.com].

In October 2018 she published her second book in Polish “Woman“. I also run a development programme for women, called “WE – Woman” (yes, in singular). She’s involved socially in two on-going projects for people with cancer as trainer and author of publications.

She received a personal written recommendation from Judy Weiser, the world authority in PhotoTherapy Techniques attesting to her belief that she is definitely qualified to teach or train Coaches about how to adapt her Phototherapy Techniques into their own practices (her entire “Letter of Support” appears below):


Contact to Dorota Raniszewska: e-mail: dorota@obrazwcoachingu.pl

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