Coaching with photography

Welcome to the ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS Coaching with photography!

I offer professional coaching with your personal photos from your family album, your profile photos, photos of your relationships as well as new images that you can take in a creative session with me. This is a deep experience that can transform your perspective on various aspects of your life that will help you to go in the direction you want to take in your life faster and easier:

  • Visualize and describe your future and make an action plan on how to bring your future to your present.
  • Define steps, habits and other elements that will support your vision and life you want.
  • Understand better your strengths, values, and grounding roots.
  • Increase self-confidence, sense of resourcefulness and develop a state of mind of being fully responsible for yourself and your life. 
  • Learn positive mindset.
  • Feel abundant and proud. Feel positive and grateful for your life experiences.
  • Appreciate your achievements and character strengths. Realize what possibilities you have in you.

To live your life and find peace in you, accept your past and what you already have lived through. The moment you do it, all your energy can be directed to your future.

If you want to experience coaching with photography, contact Dorota Raniszewska:

More information about my background:

I’m an Accredited EMCC Coach & Mentor on the Senior Practitioner level and Accredited Coach by the Polish Coaching Chamber. I published three books, two in Polish, and one in English called “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing and education. Notes from a personal journey”, available for Kindle on You can access it HERE