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‘ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing, and education. Notes from a personal journey’ is a unique book on using photography in coaching and personal development. It is about images, personal development, and creative integration of the use of photography with professional coaching techniques and storytelling. It takes the reader in a journey of inner research and self-expression through the world of images, personal snapshots and meanings that enable open and creative communication. The book is a valuable resource for coaches who want to use photos to inspire their clients to authenticity, vulnerability, courage. It provides descriptions of exercises and learning actions helpful in individual, group and team coaching, building communities and collaborative teams, building connection and trust among people. It describes innovative tools and techniques for self-awareness and free expression of thoughts and opinions that every coach can benefit from. It encourages creativity in coaching. It is an inspiring book for everyone who wishes to dig deep and visualize what they truly desire in their life and career, develop self-reflection, sensitivity, self-esteem, creativity, courage to lead their lives. It can be also a great source of inspiration for teachers, mentors and counsellors who have an impact on children and youth. The book includes chapters on 1. Image, visuality, visual thinking and visual memory, 2. The use of photos in personal development with real-life examples, ready-made formulas you can incorporate into your coaching practice 3. How to adapt PhotoTherapy Techniques to coaching practice, 4. Photography in coaching, 5. Transcription of two interviews with the Author about photographs in coaching. All chapters are illustrated with many photos and thought-provoking questions.

The book was published in 2016 in Polish under the patronage of the International Coach Federation in Poland. It is now being translated into English and it will appear in June 2019 on Amazon.

one image many words the book about photography in coachingThe book includes chapters on:

Image, visuality, visual thinking and visual memory

The use of photos in personal development

How I adapt PhotoTherapy Techniques to coaching practice

Photography in coaching – an article that was published in Coaching Review

Transcription of two interviews about photographs in coaching.

Here you can read the  Introduction to the book in English.

Dorota Raniszewska

Reviews and Recommendations

Judy Weiser, R.Psych., A.T.R.: I am delighted to see this book by Dorota Raniszewska published now in English, because I want to recommend it to as many people as possible, who are interested in how Coaches (and other kinds of “people-helpers”) can use people’s own ordinary snapshots — as well as photos taken by others (and interactions with these) — as methods for helping people improve their lives and the lives of others.

As the early pioneer of PhotoTherapy Techniques many decades ago — and now considered the “world authority” on these (and related techniques derived from them, for using in non-Therapy applications), I find this book an extremely valuable resource of not only successful photo-based techniques to use, but also the reasons for using them, the theories underpinning those reasons, and examples of them being used very successfully in “real-life” applications!

 In addition to being impressed with its contents, I find the organization of Chapters to be an easily-followed path that takes the reader from ideas to practical applications, describing complex topics in a way that is simple and enjoyable-to-read, so that readers don’t need to have any prior knowledge about psychology to benefit from them.

Big congratulations are owed to Dorota Raniszewska for her brilliant and thorough writing of a book brimming with ideas that are substantiated by theory, techniques that will work successfully, and practical applications that can be used by any reader in their own work helping people — or even themselves!

Judy Weiser, R.Psych., A.T.R., Founder & Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre, Vancouver, Canada,, Author of “PhotoTherapy Techniques: Exploring the Secrets of Personal Snapshots and Family Albums”

Tammie Plouffe: It was a privilege to read “One Image Many Words”zdjęcie Tammi. My experience of Dorota’s book resonates with this photo I have from a recent trip to Europe. It symbolizes for me the passion and wholeheartedness Dorota brings to the field of human growth and development by artfully integrating the use of photography with professional coaching techniques and storytelling. She shines a knowledgeable light on many insightful ways you can use photography to empower people’s development.  Like the million grains of sand in this picture, there are many wonderful books on human potential, this one stands out as a fresh, innovative and a thoughtful contribution to this field. 

Tammie Plouffe, Managing Partner of Innovative Pathways; Co-Author of Image Insights and Author of HBR article: To Build Connection on Your Team, Skip Icebreakers and Talk About Photography

Laurie Lawson: Emoticons, vision boards, selfies – never have our interest in visual images been higher!  But why?  Dorota Raniszewska breaks it down for us in her book, ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS, explaining how the mind wraps itself around the image and interprets it through our unique one-of-a-kind perception.  She also provides awareness exercises, thought-provoking quotes, and plenty of pictures to show you how to enhance your experience and visual acuity.  From how to look at a picture to the five levels of image analysis and punctum (she’ll explain that to you), Raniszewska makes sure you will never simply look at a picture again.  ONE IMAGE –MANY WORDS is a delightful, enlightening adventure through the world of visual images, perceptions, and interpretations.  It makes you want to dig out your old photo albums and reacquaint yourself with your fondest memories while creating new ones through enhanced awareness.

Laurie Lawson, Transition/Re-Invention Coach, Executive Producer of The Coaching Game TV Show and Coach Chat Radio, Co-Creator/Co-Host of Meaning in Madness Radio Show, Past President ICF-NYC, Certified Trainer Points of You®, Certified DoLquest Expert

Lidia D. Czarkowska: Sensitivity, depth of insight, knowledge, experience, and maturity of the Author all constitute the multitude and richness of inspirations to be derived from this book. When inviting clients to use photography in coaching, therapeutic processes, and during workshops, we gain a potent tool to broaden self-awareness, profit from the use of metaphors, work with the subconscious as well as dissolve barriers of expressing our longings and intentions brought upon us by the language. The Author is very generous in sharing with the reader her unique knowledge about working with images. She provides concrete methods and techniques, and while presenting real-life situations, she also invites the reader to create space for reflection and development with the client. Let me recommend this book wholeheartedly to all coaches, therapists, and trainers. I am happy to have it on my shelf as I revisit it very often.

Lidia D. Czarkowska, Director of Coaching and Mentoring Center at Kozminski University, Founder of the Institute of Quality of Life

Inga Bielinska: One of the most powerful questions I know is “Who am I?” or if asked at a coaching session “Who are you?” When I was reading again Dorota’s book, this time in English, I noticed how many insights she offers in it relate to identity. “A photograph is a record of my life, the fact that I’m here.”  Probably that is why I have been using and recommending her book to so many coaches, who look for new ways of supporting their clients in the coaching process. The identity is a brilliant path to growth. I love her writing style, the way she tells her story using images and anecdotes from her own life. By showing the world of photography, Dorota invites a reader to the courageous and creative development of their coaching skills, requiring a professional approach, good observation and sensitivity.

Inga Bielinska, An International Executive Coach PCC ICF us/pl, Consultant and Business Trainer, Author of leadership bestsellers

Julija Slaby: In her book, Dorota gently invites for inner research through photography – a language of the XXI century. She inspires readers for deep thoughts and reflections. The book touches the heart with its stories and fuels the mind on the professional level. Must have for everyone who is interested in growing in a deeper way, who is curious about what is behind the scenes of capturing moments and wishes to better serve their clients as a coach, therapist, counsellor.

Julija Slaby, Transformational Coach, Global Facilitator, Country Leader of Points of You® in Poland

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