Course on Photos in Coaching

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Photography in Coaching is a powerful approach to becoming visible to yourself. Discover the benefits on how we can create stories that inspire us to live our lives.

There is something very unique about Photography in our lives nowadays. Our biographies reflect in our snapshots and family albums. We all take photos and communicate through them every day. Every vital moment or relationship is in a snap. We can use these photos in Coaching to integrate continuity of our biographies, connect to our wisdom, strengths, intuition. Pictures from life give us access to inner information that is stored in the unconscious or forgotten. We can use active Photography to inspire and learn new habits. Photography creates transformative moments.

“Photographs contain meanings beyond their visual contents, in ways that words alone cannot express. They hold stories and reasons for being taken, posed for, kept, remembered, or mourned if lost. The memories and emotions that photographs unconsciously trigger can be useful in helping individuals explore various aspects of themselves and their lives.

– Judy Weiser, Founder and Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre in Vancouver, Canada

About the course

“ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS …” is an experiential course composed of 8 sessions online and enriched with instructional videos, audios, handouts and practise exercises in between sessions. The I.C.F. accredits the course for the Continuous Coach Education units! It is also honoured as part of the C.P.D. (continuing personal development) by the EMCC. In this course, you will learn how to use photos and photo-taking in Coaching and Personal Development. The program is based on a solid background in Coaching, unique know-how about photography-as-communication, creative approach, passion and authenticity.

This course is an opportunity to grow in an international, multicultural environment. I teach it in English. However, it is open to people from all over the world. It was my dream and vision to create a space for learning that connects people from various cultures, mindsets, religions, countries, climates and continents. I believe that this work will contribute to the world of open minds, hearts and borders. Coaches, photographers, art therapists from all over the globe learn Photography in Coaching with me: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Nederlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, U.K., U.S.A. My passion is to teach coaches around the world how to use photos in their coaching practice.

The modules of this course

  • Welcome & video lecture
  • Pre-work with your photos and Photography
  • Group Integration Meeting. Your developmental needs and goals. Ethics in coaching with Photography
  • Module 1 – “The Most Important Photo“. A photo is a whole story – using photographs to understand your values and priority in life better. We learn about the potential of personal pictures in self-exploration. We develop coaching skills and models such as deep listening, powerful questions, Dilts neurological levels
  • Module 2 – “Profile Photo“. Professional and life journey that you experienced by now and want to continue. Your values and strengths. How do you want to show yourself to others? Me public – hidden – and authentic. We develop coaching skills and models such as deep listening, powerful questions, ‘me’ public, hidden and authentic.
  • Life Photo-Album“. Increasing self-confidence and a sense of resourcefulness, appreciating life achievements. Complex view on one’s life journey – achievements, capabilities, possibilities, relationships, needs. We are working on priorities and the next steps. We develop coaching skills and models such as deep listening, powerful questions, clean questions, character strengths.
  • Photo-poem” – Creative session with taking photos as thinking processes, exploration and expression about one’s topic. Taking pictures to get a new perspective, discover your creativity, increase your sense of self-esteem and sensitivity. We develop coaching skills and models such as deep listening, powerful questions, setting goals.
  • Photos of a relashionship“. We are using photos to understand a relationship with someone better. We cover coaching questions about a relationship. We develop coaching skills and models such as visual skills, embodiment.
  • Self-portrait in the future“. It is a coaching process that brings the future to the present. We are creating and experiencing the vision of yourself and your life. We develop coaching skills and models such as powerful questions, setting goals.
  • Wrap up session, review of achievements, gratitude, Q&A

Fee: 660 EUR. 18.5 EEUs by ICF. This fee includes participation in the course, materials, certificates, your development process.

Dates of the upcoming edition: 6 January – 22 February 2022

Selected feedback from the Participants

“My feedback is one of deep gratitude for a wonderful self discovery process whilst learning the skills of integrating these practices into a coaching approach. Like a bud opening to reveal the small blossoms within, I feel that this has created new beginnings, renewal, and opening to a vastness of opportunity and further exploration.” Alyson Smith, South Africa

“Thank you for showing me how to combine photography in coaching. I have been looking for ways to combine both coaching and creativity and was feeling a little stuck this year. Experiencing this course has helped me to navigate through this and move forward with new ideas, insights and connections. I am looking forward to watching my practice evolve using my experiences, new insights, creativity in an authentic meaningful way. It’s been worth getting up at 5.30am for! so thank you. Also thanking you for your inspiration, intelligence, presence and patience. Looking forward to connecting again soon and sharing.” Michelle Wolfe, New Zealand

“Photography in Coaching with Dorota is much more than training! It’s an opportunity to go through a journey of self-discovery, development and creativity. Using images in this process helps you to go deeper and to feel the real impact this tool might have on our coachees. With a strong presence, powerful questions and a lot of respect, Dorota creates an amazing experience of learning and development.” Ana Caetano, Portugal

It was a great experience to attend the courses “Photography in Coaching – ONE IMAGE-MANY WORDS” and “Powerful Start with AHA”. I was very pleased with their contents and they helped me a lot in personal development. I practice both photography and coaching, and these courses give great insights and combine these two fields. Working with people from all around the world was fulfilling and expanded my horizons. Thank you very much Do! Eleanna Prassopoulou

“The program that you have created, the gentleness, space, and energy is so very thoughtful, caring, creating a beautiful and comfortable environment for sharing, learning, and growing together. I do believe that in addition to your excellent leadership skills and enthusiasm for sharing your joyful learning and coaching experience, that we do have a really wonderful group of people who work and learn so well together and that is one of the reasons why your program is so terrific. But I also know that one of the reasons why our group is so wonderful together is because of your caring and thoughtful leadership, coaching and guidance! I have lived as a part of a group where we are each from a different country, especially at this time in world history and current events. I feel like our group in our zoom room is in its own little womb in its cocoon, birthing more inner peace and global peace into the world. Thank you, Do,  for being our photography coach and coaching coach as well as our emotional and experiential  labor coach. I am very very grateful.” Lilly Rublin-Sokoloff, USA  

​”I ​​was looking for a book. A special book, that brings together the topics of photography and coaching – a uniquely powerful combination that I was more and more realizing in my life. There was exactly one book that I found on my search: »ONE IMAGE MANY WORDS« by Dorota Raniszewska. After the first pages I simply had to contact Dorota, who then invited me to her class named »Photography in Coaching and Personal Development«. The bliss in meeting Dorota showed itself from the first moment of our online meetings. First, there is this outstanding topic of Photography in Coaching. Being a photographer for over thirty years now, Dorota showed me a completely different approach to photos and photography. She says, that photos are traces of our lives and therefor contain sleeping wisdom and resources of ourselves. In Dorota’s class we’ve learned to discover these resources using photos. We’ve learned about the consciousness that comes from creating a life photo album. We’ve done the photo walk and created a photo poem from what we’ve been drawn to while photo-walking. Living with my »photo-memes« now on a daily basis is powerful beyond description. There’s nothing I know that’s as easy and as powerful the same time. Easy to create. And easy to remember when I want to jump deeply into my own inner power. But there’s more. Just experiencing Dorota’s coaching I’ve learned valuable lessons about a good coaching practice. Dorota masters the art of bringing value to the class as a whole and also to every single member in particular. Her special feature is to teach through practice. All we’ve learned we’ve also experienced at our own example, from both sides, as coach and as coachee. And there’s enough room to reflect the experiences. What is distinctive, because – as Dorota puts it – we only can ‚do‘ or ‚reflect‘ not both the same time. There’s a spirit within all Dorota does in this class: It’s about lifting people up, about creating these blissful moments of feeling the unspeakable value of being human. So after the class had ended, we now are going new steps as the Coaching And Supervision Group. Wonderful! Thank you Dorota for these life-changers.” Lars Neumann, Germany

“High quality, variety of topics, profound, authentic, practical. It enlarged and deepened my insights on the personal and professional level. Powerful. Very good balance between theory and practice. Training location like home. Food very healthy, made with love. I would absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to expand their perspectives and deepen their insights. This training is a gift, personally and professionally. Dorota is a very special woman – warm, creative, intelligent, so much in contact with herself. I’m inspired by her as a person.” Nicole Woltmann, Germany

The Photography in Coaching workshop is a powerful and transforming encounter with oneself, one’s life, past and important relationships. It is also looking at what’s next. It is finding answers to important questions that are inside us and thanks to Dorota they go outside, call, and sometimes even pull and demand to be noticed. I experienced tangibly what a powerful material for reflection, and insight are provided by my own photos and the shooting process. On the one hand, I went through my own deep process, on the other – I got a lot of inspiration and tools.” Joana Fabisiak, Poland

“Very good variety of themes, good balance of input and practice. Very convenient. Lot’s of material that is perfect for further studies. Very comfortable location. Delicious food. Yes, yes, yes. Great workshop, lots of learnings and wonderful atmosphere. One of the best workshops I ever attended. Dorota is a great inspiration and very empathetic.” Sina Niemeyer, Germany

“Very dense, a lot, great ideas and strategies. Beautifully designed. Trustful, non-judgmental atmosphere. Dorota does her work absolutely great and fantastic. Location perfect!!! Even if you do not want to become a coach, it’s a great learning experience not only for you professionally but also for your private life and relationships.” Kelly Snoeck, Belgium

How to enroll

If you want to enroll, please contact Dorota: 

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