“Peace and Joy at Home – The Power of Photography”

How to use our photos to give yourself moments of peace, joy, relaxation for the brain, and to support children and family in building emotional harmony? Starting from tomorrow, I invite you to read about the positive effects of photography on our mind. I will share practices that have a positive impact on our mind and relationships at home in times of uncertainty, fear, sadness, and staying at home:
🌱family photos at home to support a sense of security and self-esteem,
🌱photography as a practice of mindfulness, which restores inner peace,
🌱photo-diaries, which are a regular source of positive emotions, introduce routine and continuity,
🌱photography as fun, which gives the family moments of joy and develops creative skills,
🌱story-telling based on personal photos to build respect and a sense of uniqueness.
These are elements of my personal development practice for many years which I would like to share it with you in the coming weeks. You will receive five inspirations for the coming days and weeks, and maybe for longer. See you again tomorrow, Dorota Raniszewska

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“Traces” is an inspiring ✨photo project by Tina Ruisinger. I knew Tina recently since she is going to participate in this course ONE IMAGE MANY WORDS in March 2020🙏. “For ten years, Tina photographed all the things that are left behind when one dies. In doing so, she focused not only on death, but also on the lives of those left behind. The objects are depicted out of their original context. As an artist, she is committed to a topic that remains taboo.” – this is what we read in the introduction to her work. I was very moved when I first saw “Traces” by Tina Ruisinger. It inspired me by its depth and simplicity. And, it reminded me about a series of photos of my mother at home entitled “In the reach of her hand” that I had taken 5 years ago. I wanted to explore how memories are at the reach of our hands. And they usually are present in many places at home…
I invite you to watch this sensitive project “Traces” by Tina Ruisinger. And I’m very curious about what will be your inspiration. If you want to comment below my post about your discoveries, please do so. I wish you an inspiring weekend!


I can’t put it in the right words but I took a few pictures…

Imagine a client comes to you and sais: I can’t put it in the right words but since you use photography in coaching, I took a few pictures after our last session to show how I progressed. I’m sure you will understand. This happened to me yesterday! ☺️ I was very impressed by what she showed to me. And I decided to write about it because it can be inspiring to you. At the end of our session three weeks ago, I suggested to my client to start observing time. Her life challenge is to be able to pause, to stop feeling constantly on a hurry. Yesterday, she came to the session and first, she opened her coaching diary (I usually ask my clients to have a coaching diary during the process). I saw several photos inside, that represented plants and bread. What is on these photos? – I asked. By the way, this is an example of a good coaching question about a client’s photo. “I planted flowers at home and baked bread.” “What was important in it for you?” – I asked another question. “I always dreamed about having flowers at home but never had time for it. The same about the bread. – there was a time, I used to make my own bread but with time, I forgot about it. In the last weeks, I observed flowers and took the time to bake my own bread.” “How do you feel about it now?” – I asked again. “I have satisfaction. And I feel joy and calm.” I hope you will find it useful and inspiring about using photos in coaching! Do Raniszewska

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The image is an essential element of how we experience the world.

The image is an essential element of how we experience the world.

Hello😀! It is Sunday morning in Warsaw where I am now. Let’s open this day with a beautiful quote from Aaron Siskind, an American photographer who said: “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

I have to tell you – it is a very true sentence! I often witness how photos remind us, and my clients about things we forgot, but once we see them right in front of our eyes, memories come back! And we can return to our most important moments.

And how about you – do you keep photos you made time ago? If yes, why keeping photos is important to you? 

Do Raniszewska

The image is an essential element of how we experience the world.


What is your most important photo of this year and why?

Today, I offered myself a moment of pause and watched the photos I’ve taken this year. These were the photos from my holiday and work, showing unforgettable moments with my son, friends, places that inspired me. I posed myself a question: What are the most precious photos of this year? I chose five which you can see below. Then, I asked myself another question – Which was the most important picture of this year and why? Ane what is important to me in this photo?

The most important photo is the one with my son. I took it in Summer when we went on a one day trip together to a beautiful nature reserve that he loves very much. I saw him outside, far from home and city where we live. I saw how he was able to navigate in nature, take decisions, be fully engaged. I saw that he became an adult. I was fascinated by how wonderful he looked, strong, beautiful. And I realise how tiny I am on his side, his mother. I still keep the image of his little body when he was born in my heart. The picture is now on my desk, and I watch it every moment with love. This is the most important picture of the year for me.

“The image is an essential element of how I experience the world. From birth onwards, I see and observe the world. When a child is as young as one year, one-and-a-half, two, he or she begins to draw, using drawing as a form of expression. Creating. Composing answers using lines, circles, triangles, tangled lines. Painting his or her own thoughts, reactions, observations. Parents show their children picture books or family albums. They take pictures of the child on occasions both minor and major, the fleeting highs of family life, each new step the child takes, accomplishments, amusing situations. This is how memories are made. Until the day this child, sitting with his friends from school or with his or her own children, takes out an album, opens up a folder of pictures on a computer and… begins to remember a multitude of little stories and events. And a legend is born… And becomes someone. Someone with a history. A prankster. The hero of a certain tale. An album is a form of proof. And the moment any self-doubt begins to set in, these photographs are a reminder of what that he lived through, what was created in the past and the path that was travelled. Possibly, it can play a part in raising someone up after a fall or to make the decision to change one’s life. Or, simply, to share this valuable souvenir with one’s grandchildren.” – this is an excerpt from my book ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing, and education. Notes from a personal journey that you can find on Amazon.com

I don’t want to put the picture with my son on my blog because it is too personal. Besides, it is an image of him, with his face and body so I decided to not to publish it publically. You can see the other five most important photos, however. Each of them tells a story of a trip or inspiration. Each of them is a record of my life and my values.

And you? What is your most important photo of the year? Choose and take a moment to reflect on why it is so valuable. Stay open to surprises!

If you want to learn more about the use of photography to inspire people to authenticity, vulnerability and courage, join my 3-day course on “Photography in Coaching and Personal Development” that is an accredited program by ICF – International Coach Federation and is worth 18,5 CCEU – LINK to the event on Facebook 🙂

Mary Christmas and Happy New Year! Dorota Raniszewska

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Early bird till 10 January 2020. Photography is created from such intangible phenomena as light and time.

Ho ho ho! Remember about gifts! The early bird is waiting for you till 10 January! ❄️💫🎉✨ Photography is created from such intangible phenomena as light and time. But how imperishable it becomes over the years! Resistant to elements – water, wind and sun. Photography is like a fairy who can pause time and bring back memories of the past. It captures the present moment and preserves the past. You can see it today, now, and see it again in the future – in your family home, on the shelf, in the album.

Photography recounts everything about you – your dreams, your values. It holds onto what memory forgets. It shows you places you wouldn’t see on your own. It can make dreams come true – of seeing the north pole, the Earth from the moon or a child, calm in the womb. It might be just casual fun or it might be a passion. It documents our curiosity of the world. It invites us for a walk. It allows for a moment of relief from sadness and loneliness. It occupies the mind with creative doings. You can take photos at home, in a hospital, during a long road trip or at the holiday table.

Wishing you a day full of smiles and warmth. Dorota Raniszewska

For more have a look here: https://www.facebook.com/events/564523734326761/

Text in English (translated from Polish) – Katarzyna Lis

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Photography and Connection

Taking the camera in your hand, meeting eye in eye, documenting human life, street life, family life, taking a selfie, watching an old family photo album and telling stories that are behind your photos to your friends or children – all that is CONNECTING – the act of making connections.
Photos make it easier for people to connect. Because when people show their pictures, they open up to each other. A roundtable of photos is a fascinating experience. We will do it during the course “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in Coaching and Personal Development”. Today, I’m showing a few pictures of me at work – let’s connect. Do Raniszewska

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ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS is a unique book on using photography in coaching and personal development. 

ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS – the book available on Amazon

ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS is a unique book on using photography in coaching and personal development. Hurray! My book ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS was born! It is available for Kindle on Amazon since this morning, June the 17th, 2019.

You can read about and buy the book on Amazon: LINK 2 THE BOOK ON Amazon

ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS is a unique book on using photography in coaching and personal development. 

The book received beautiful reviews from well-known and appreciated Gurus in the personal development, coaching and therapy world: Judy Weiser, Tammie Plouffe, Laurie Lawson, Julija Slaby, Inga Bielińska, Lidia Czarkowska. A subject matter review on PhotoTherapy Techniques was done by Judy Weiser, a world authority in the field. The translation has been done by Agnes Monod-Gayraud, a great writer and translator. The cover was designed by Ewa Stępien-Wyrod, an extraordinary graphic designer. Editing and production of the book for Kindle were done by Jacek Szczepanski, a true eagle-eye, a great programmer, my best Friend ever. The marketing part of the launch was done together with Katarzyna Manios, a marketing genius.

I’m being in grace and gratitude to all of those who made it happen with me, for me, for YOU!

Here you can read more about this book and see recommendations: LET’S SEE 🙂 

Wishing you a beautiful day!

Dorota Raniszewska

Warsaw, 17 June, 2019. Photo by Jacek Szczepanski


Openning the mind to the ideas -back to childhood, fun, ease, release

“When you have nothing, the imagination works twice. It’s like a muscle. “- Luc Besson. In one of the interviews, Luc Besson, the creator of the Great Blue, Nikita, Leon The Processional, recalled his childhood. He walked around the city and thought up games because he did not have toys. He invented different stories, wandering the streets. This is how the stories were created and the heroes were born. Openness, ease, fun, putting aside both thoughts, one that maybe “I can not”, and second that perhaps “I already know everything”, open the mind to new ideas that lie dormant in our imagination.


Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

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Everyone can create

Creative activities undertaken for pleasure, without “must”, “I can”, letting myself be an amateur, are a source of joy. It’s communing with the muse, inspiration, inspiration that we need in everyday life. From my experience, I know that from the very time I look around, listen to, and look, beautiful frames, scenes, and experiences emerge that could not be planned. You can learn to discover beauty.

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