A few words of gratitude and some ideas for you after the ONE IMAGE MANY WORDS workshop in Warsaw on 26-28 August

😀 I’m happy about these three days spent together with you and your photos. For several years, in the last week of August, I have traditionally conducted the course on photography in coaching “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS”. It was a very inspiring time 💎 I’m thankful to you for your openness, courage, curiosity and mutual exchange 🔥

Some time ago, I followed my voice, dream, passion. I feel like I’ve come a long way with photography, and I’m still somewhere at the beginning.

One photo hides the whole story.

The Life Photo Album as a technique to work around your achievements, strenghts, supporting relationships in life and to plan next steps.

A photo as a Visual metaphor that helps to explain complex realities within us, such as feelings or emotions.

The Most Important Photo as a technique to work around your identity, values and current moment in life.

Taking photos as a technique to look for a new perspective on a defined coaching topic.

Our souvenir photo together. From the left: Olena, Marta, Joana, Marta, Bara and me, Dorota.

Warsaw, 26-28.08.2020


Free webinar on Photography in Coaching

I’m very excited and happy to invite you for a free webinar on Photography in Coaching.
🚀Date and time: 9 July, at 4 pm CEST time.
🔴 What it is really “photography in coaching”
🔴 A unique value created by clients’ photographs in coaching
🔴 Examples of techniques with clients’ photos in coaching
🔴 Examples from my real-life practice

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🚀Registrations – please go to this LINK 

😀 About me: I’m Dorota Do Raniszewska 😀. I’m an Accredited Coach and Mentor – EMCC Senior Practitioner. I’ve been developing my practice of photography in personal growth since more than 10 years already and my experience includes coaching, team facilitation, personal growth programs, teacher education. My course on photography in coaching is approved by the ICF for 18.5 CEE. I’m the author of a unique book in this field “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing and education. Notes from a personal journey”, available on Amazon.

Hope to see you on 9 July with full energy for this inspiring meeting 👌, Dorota Raniszewska