Photography is fun, brings moments of joy in the family and helps to develop creative skills.

Welcome to the third part of the “Peace and Joy at Home – The Power of Photography” article. Today, I share about photography is fun, brings moments of joy in the family and helps to develop creative skills.☀️
🌱 Like all people, you also have the ability to create. You can awaken and develop it. Photography provides you with many ways to discover your creativity, strengthen your trust in your abilities, and enjoy being creative. Just for pleasure, without “I must”, “I can”, allowing yourself to be an amateur. It’s also a way to take advantage of discovering beauty.
How to do it and where to start?
🌱 Invite your family to play together in “Photo Shapes”.
🌱 Set a topic and suggest that we all have 10 minutes to take a series of photos on a selected topic. For example, the topic could be “little”, “purple”, “crazy” and so on.
🌱 You don’t have to leave one room to get a set of interesting ideas and frames.
🌱 When everyone takes pictures, let them choose the one that they find the most interesting or the best. And then you can read and admire the ingenuity of everyone.
🌱 It’s important not to rate or compare photos. What counts is the unique idea and participation in the fun.

I hope you find this inspiration useful. Next week, I will write about photo-diaries are a source of positive emotions, introduce routine and continuity.

Have a beautiful weekend with creativity  Do Raniszewska

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