Close-Up project

Deep inside, you are what you’re longing for.

When you understand your power, you can start using it and develop within yourself.

The Close-Up project combines Photography and personal growth. It helps to realize and deepen the connection with one’s uniqueness, realize elements of personal power, discover and develop creativity, and strengthen self-confidence. Moreover, it is a creative way to experience our potential by developing our project, a photography one. This highly creative process reveals your excellence.

Dates of the Close Up Project:
8 March – 26 April 2024
Project Group Meetings each Friday from 2 pm to 4 pm CEST on Zoom


The Close-Up consists of active Photography outside, a reflective practice inspired by family photos and life experiences, writing and dedicated meditations. We look at our uniqueness through the prism of the Character Strengths, based on the VIA Character methodology, a positive approach to human psychology. The project takes eight weeks. Each week explores different character strengths, such as wisdom, courage, humanity, fairness, spirituality and self-regulation. Every week, participants explore them through their roots, trunks and the space outside in the reach of their branches. There is one online meeting every week devoted to exchanging ideas and personal insights, demonstration of the photos taken, inspiration and recognition of work done.


During the Close-Up project, participants discover a completely new look at themselves, their potential, and their ancestors, which supports them further in life. For many people, Close-Up contributed to their healing – a better openness to life, improved self-worth, forgiveness, compassion, appreciation.

More about and Participants

The first Close Up project just ended.
Here are a few thoughts that summarise this unique experience.

Participants voices:

  • It was a beautiful trip. – Ana
  • It was a journey with ups and downs that leave traces in my life. – Shao Hui
  • It was a nourishing experience. – Ellen
  • It gave a sense of warmth. – Alyson 
  • I looked at myself and other people with new eyes. – Daiva
  • I discovered that I inherited so much wisdom from my father. I saw him in a new way and appreciated him for his knowledge. – Lars
  • I understood that courage is not about bravery but more about staying myself, loyal to myself, following my needs and dreams. – it was a reflection of many Participants
  • I saw signs of my humanity in everyday little acts of care towards my children. – Daiva

There are three main benefit of taking part in the Close Up project:

  • You will discover elements of your uniqueness and personal power.
  • You will express and hear positive thoughts about yourself.
  • You will have a chance to develop curiosity and creativity.

My message that I learnt through my life to all of you is:

Let go of any fight. Allow total acceptance. Do no war against current events. Do no war against how time flows. Do no fight against yourself and the universe. “Being stuck” can be an invitation to take a rest. Without fears about the future, embrace reality. Enjoy life. Enjoy every moment. Feel pleasure. 

Always remember that we communicate with ourselves through our thoughts. They are like food for the mind. We can nourish our minds and souls or poison them. When you think that you don’t have time, that you never will be satisfied with anything, you poison yourself. Think that you just live and that you do what is now possible and that you enjoy life and that you slow down and your mind and soul will be nourished and will blossom. If you are constantly unsatisfied with yourself or criticize yourself, you will constantly do more and have less. Less life and less connection with yourself.

We need to learn to self-regulate. Learn to do less. Learn to expect less. Learn to plan less. Instead, learn to notice more. Learn to enjoy more. Learn to celebrate more. Learn to be more present in reality without judging it but discovering with curiosity “what’s in it for me”. 

Use your spirituality to feel better in difficult moments. When you feel fear and sadness, go to the park. Nature helps to overcome difficult moments immediately. It is about our spirituality, appreciation of beauty. In these moments of sadness, you can tell to yourself – the world is beautiful and perfect. And I’m part of it.

Harmony is not a journey. Harmony is what is being.

Harmony is a way of life.

The Close-Up is gentle and powerful
at the same time 

– this is how Maria, one of the first participants, called the project.

You enter as much as you are ready. Like at the seaside, where you can stop at watching beautiful views, or you can dip your foot, or you can quite dive. I saw not only my resources. I became aware of my family resources! In this project, we change the view from ‘difficult parts that we inherited’ to ‘gifts that we have received. I discovered my strengths, got back to my creativity. I had a lot of great ideas! Let’s focus on what is good, on what we have. Let’s create an atmosphere where everyone can feel important and flourish rather than stumbling upon their problems.


I first met Dorota in an online event wherein she shared about Photography in Coaching and example of how it works. I was very intrigued and wanted to learn more. Luckily, not long after that she was hosting another batch for her Close Up project. I immediately registered myself.

It was a very unique project that combines photography with VIA character strength, as well as our creative self.
Throughout the sessions Dorota created & held such a nourishing space.

I thoroughly enjoyed the program and felt nurtured by it. Thank you Dorota, I look forward to continue learning from you.


Ellen Patricia, Coach, ICF ACC, Speaker, “Global Coaching Leaders” Award, Indonesia