Nature photography is an expression of spirituality

Have you ever asked yourself why we take so many pictures of beautiful nature? We might resist taking photos. But we do it even if we already had taken similar ones in the past. I have a very human and humanistic view on it. Let me share it now

☀️Taking pictures of stunning nature has something to do with our character strengths. Yes!

☀️It is an expression of spirituality, and spirituality is a power that gives hope and faith in the future, as well as a sense of reconciliation and emotional freedom.

☀️By using spirituality, the more fun, less struggling, less tension, more sense of abundance and beauty in life.

😆Attached a few pictures from a place that delights me for years, where I regain my energy and harmony. And I will always take a picture there because this is how I say that I am delighted, happy and awesome.

What do you think about it?

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What fascinates me in photography is an immediate connection!

Let me invite to a recent talk with Bara Belova from the Czech Republic. Bara is a coach and mentor, and a yoga teacher. She took part in the ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS – Photography in Coaching course in August, 2020. I asked Bara about what fascinates her in photography and how it helps her to work with people in coaching. She shared many inspiring ideas! She also shared with generosity her insights about the course.

I’m grateful for this talk. I’m happy that I can share it with you.

Some inspiring ideas from Bara:

What fascinates me in photography is an immediate connection. Connection to the subconscious. Photography works like GPS for the mind. It allows you to go where it is safe to be. The picture that has so many things, so many stories behind. When I was preparing for the course, I looked at photo albums at home and it was funny to see how quickly I can remember things when I look at old photos. “O! gosh! I have this one. I remember it!” …

I’m a very visual person. I need to see things!

Photos also give you the time to reflect, to think. When a picture is stored in the mind, sometimes, people connect dots after a couple of weeks.

Whenever it is the right time, you connect to the right people and you take the journey. My personal situation brought me to your course right at this moment of time.

Bara joined the Polish taught edition as she can understand Polish very well. We spoke Polish and English during the course. And “we had photography – a connecting language”.

What was also great is the preparation for the course was important: I could answer many of my questions while I was preparing for the course.

A lot of beautiful processes. Great talks.

The answers are just around us. We don’t know. But our subconscious knows that already.

Dears, that you for reading this post and watching the video. Stay inspired. Listen to your inner voice, intuition, wisdom, and soul. Namaste! Dorota

Warsaw, Brno, 10.09.2020


A few words of gratitude and some ideas for you after the ONE IMAGE MANY WORDS workshop in Warsaw on 26-28 August

😀 I’m happy about these three days spent together with you and your photos. For several years, in the last week of August, I have traditionally conducted the course on photography in coaching “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS”. It was a very inspiring time 💎 I’m thankful to you for your openness, courage, curiosity and mutual exchange 🔥

Some time ago, I followed my voice, dream, passion. I feel like I’ve come a long way with photography, and I’m still somewhere at the beginning.

One photo hides the whole story.

The Life Photo Album as a technique to work around your achievements, strenghts, supporting relationships in life and to plan next steps.

A photo as a Visual metaphor that helps to explain complex realities within us, such as feelings or emotions.

The Most Important Photo as a technique to work around your identity, values and current moment in life.

Taking photos as a technique to look for a new perspective on a defined coaching topic.

Our souvenir photo together. From the left: Olena, Marta, Joana, Marta, Bara and me, Dorota.

Warsaw, 26-28.08.2020


One photo is a whole story – a conversation with Tina Ruisinger

With my heart full of gratitude I’m showing a recent conversation with Tina Ruisinger, an artist and photographer, who just completed the ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in Coaching Course. Tina develops her practice of Photography in Palliative Care in Zurich. Our sessions were unforgettable.

These are some of Tina’s thoughts:

“A big power of photography is to keep people alive… In my heart, I still have them with me…. I can see a moment of joy when looking at the old pictures.”

“All people we meet in our lives influenced us. “Influences” – this could be a title of a family photo album as well.”

“You open an old photo album and you have all your friends with you. And you see who you became. I’m grateful. At my home, I have a lot of photographs of my friends and family members and it gives me a good feeling… it triggers many moments, times spent together. …”

I asked Tina about what was important in this course on photography in coaching:

“To realize what a photograph can really do.”

“We stopped time. We focused on a few pictures, on the essence, one image only. It was an eye-opener. A beautiful journey. Talking about things that nobody ever asks me. Today when we have thousands of photos, we talked about only one. A beautiful reduction.”

“And your questions that are so simple.”

“I learnt through you the importance of listening and asking.”

“And how important it is to focus on just one image, ask a simple question and really listen….”

Tina’s message to the people: “Trust yourself, don’t make too big steps, look at each other, trust each other, human connections are precious.”

Warsaw, Zurich, 19.08.2020


Design and rollout of the Photography in Coaching Course online

🙋‍♀️Important and interesting information about the “Photography in Coaching” course in October: If you are interested in participating, you are invited to a half-hour meeting devoted to how online learning will be organized over time – modules, frequency, intensity, group sessions synchronous versus individual work.

This short meeting is scheduled on Zoom on August 6th, next Thursday at 4:30 pm Central European Time – Warsaw time.

I will record it.

If you want to take part in this short information meeting – please let me know at and I will send you the invitation to Zoom. See you there 🙂 Dorota

WHY this meeting?

After the webinar on July 9th, several people wrote to me about their will to participate in the training and I had a couple of individual conversations with those who are truly interested in it. Some expressed concern that the online course for 3 full days non-stop was too intensive. I think that it can be right. Since March 2020, I have already conducted many individual training sessions as well as one large developmental project with photography for a group of 12 people and this experience has shown me that working in 2-3 hour sessions every week is probably greatest. Then learning is effective, efficient and can be well integrated into everyday work and duties.

So alternatively to the 3-days online course, we can have a process of 8 weeks when one session of 2 hours every week:

  • meeting #1 Group integration meeting,
  • meetings #2-7 Six modules on Photography in Coaching
  • meeting #8 Integration and wrap up, celebrating

That would be a change in the way the course can be implemented in response to the submitted ideas and current experience.

If you are interested in participating in the course, I cordially invite you to this short information meeting next Thursday on August 6th. During the meeting, I will tell you exactly how the course can be organised. Moreover, You will be able to know each other with people who are interested in taking part – and I think that it is always a nice thing.

For more information about the Photography in Coaching course, come here: HERE


Thank you for joining the webinar on Photography in Coaching

It is so cool to have a dream and vision in life. And to go step by step the direction you want to go. No rush. You will get there if you follow the direction. I feel like I can say these words. Some years ago I started using photography that is my passion in my professional coaching practice. And I had the vision to share and teach about it to other professionals from all over the world. To connect and belong professionally regardless of nationality, country or culture. And I’m doing it. Last Thursday, on July 9th I made something really big. I hosted a large group of wonderful people from 23 countries at the “Photography in Coaching” webinar.

It was very moving to see all of us from so different places and cultures connecting, sharing and exchanging.

“When I read the list with so different countries, I start to cry…” – wrote one woman.

Yes. It was really special, inspiring, energizing. And I felt that my dream is coming true. People connected from Brasil, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA.

 I’m grateful to all the people who joined the event and co-created it with me.

Moreover, it made me think that one of the strongest needs that we have as humans and which drives us through our lives, is to belong, connect, be together. In the times of isolation, this need prompted us to connect regardless of obstacles like closed borders, no flights or public places open, mental barriers to show up online. We are so creative, adaptive, and open.

May those strengths help us to build an accepting and protecting place for all the creatures on our planet. That’s my dream. 

13th July, 2020

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I see and hear you

„I see and hear you” – Interview with Anna Lagosz – Anna Łagosz Photography, July 2, 2020 – Interview in Polish, English transcription below the film:

Dorota: I am with Anna Łagosz today. Anna is a portrait photographer.

Recently, we had a chance to work together for a few months since Anna decided to take an individual development program on Photography in Coaching. Today we celebrate and share our impressions. Thank you so much Anna, for having agreed to talk.

Anna: I am very happy that you invited me.

D: First, I would like to ask you what was important to you in this program.

A: Lots of important things.

First of all, I decided on it. And then, the online version worked well. We meet online, we had tools to do it, we used them, did something important and entered deep into the process. I am glad that I had such an opportunity.

Then engagement and trust. I knew you were a trustful person. I did all the exercises without postponing until later, and thanks to that we did a lot. And I feel that it has gone deep for me.

We worked one to one, in a virtual room and most of our work happened as in a coaching session – we practised based on your topics and with your photos. Our work became a combination of an individual development program and coaching. It was a unique experience.

But I would like to ask you something else. I admit that you are not the only photographer who comes to me for these programs and both photographers from Poland and abroad want to learn photography in coaching. How does it happen?

I followed my intuition. When we talked for the first time, I realized that you have a very similar sensitivity to mine. Also, you put into words what I have long felt and done. So in meeting you, I felt that two compatible components came together: photography and human connection. You speak my language. We talk in a similar way about the most important things for me.

The most valuable to me as a photographer was that I could see myself. Because every day when I take portraits, I show to the people how they look like and what they are. They can see themselves in my photos. And here I could watch and rediscover myself, see myself from a different angle. I was discovering my qualities for myself, but I have them as a photographer as well. So it worked inside and out, both ways. I saw how valuable my work can be, and this awareness helps me to grow.

D: I hear from many people who do photography that the relationship in photography works the same way as in coaching when two people trust each other and the clients meet themselves and I assist them as a coach or photographer. People meet and uncover themselves before your camera and they trust you. The same as coaching, portrait photography has a significant ingredient of empathy and assistance. And for photographers coaching becomes a way to better understand the nature of this relationship, including its intimacy and uniqueness.

So what would you say to other photographers?

A: That personal development is a very valuable experience for photographers if we do our work with love and care. Taking portraits is not about our equipment but who we are – the lenses we see through, how we feel and who we become for others.

I saw that photography is a language to know ourselves. And everything we did in the exercises provided that language – when looking at the past with the photo-album, or looking at the presence with photo-journal of joy as well as finding motivation for the future with new photos. I still discover a multitude of meanings and purposes. And it is important for my private and professional life. Especially given that I work with people and create portraits and the relationship matters. I think that the relationship which we have with ourselves as photographers influences our work with the clients.

D: As always, if you work with people you need to have a good relationship with yourself first.

And this is about seeing and hearing. When we worked together, I could clearly experience from you the “I hear you”. And in my work of a portrait photographer I give to the clients: “I see you”.

And this is how the connection happens for me: I hear you and see you. But first, I hear and see myself. And then, I can hear and see you.

D: Thank you Anna

A: Thank you

D: I wish you lots of good and all who watch us let me invite you for portrait sessions with Anna.

A: I hope so. I feel that through our work I have lots of new energy and new perspectives on what I do as well as how deep it can take me and my clients.

D: Thank you and all the best, bye, bye

A: Byeee

2nd July, 2020

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Free webinar on Photography in Coaching

I’m very excited and happy to invite you for a free webinar on Photography in Coaching.
🚀Date and time: 9 July, at 4 pm CEST time.
🔴 What it is really “photography in coaching”
🔴 A unique value created by clients’ photographs in coaching
🔴 Examples of techniques with clients’ photos in coaching
🔴 Examples from my real-life practice

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🚀Registrations – please go to this LINK 

😀 About me: I’m Dorota Do Raniszewska 😀. I’m an Accredited Coach and Mentor – EMCC Senior Practitioner. I’ve been developing my practice of photography in personal growth since more than 10 years already and my experience includes coaching, team facilitation, personal growth programs, teacher education. My course on photography in coaching is approved by the ICF for 18.5 CEE. I’m the author of a unique book in this field “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing and education. Notes from a personal journey”, available on Amazon.

Hope to see you on 9 July with full energy for this inspiring meeting 👌, Dorota Raniszewska


In a time of isolation, photography allows an invisible touch

Photography plays a very special role in a human connection nowadays. It allows an invisible touch.

I recommend this short article. An excerpt: “I have become closer to family and neighbors because of the photographs, which document our time of physical distancing while keeping our communal caring for each other. The change in theme to still-life photos provides me with the chance to illustrate items that have meaning in our domestic life.”

Link to the article:

Coping during COVID-19: Photography brings me closer to family, friends

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Watching family photos together can increase a sense of pride and respect in the family

Did you know that watching family photos together can increase pride and respect in the family?

Welcome to the fifth part of the “Peace and Joy at Home – The Power of Photography” article. Today, I share about watching family photos together. On a deeper level, it is about 🌱story-telling based on personal photos to build respect and a sense of uniqueness ☀️

🌱 Watching family photos together seems to be a simple topic and yet unique. Why?

🌱 Through the mean of our photos, we can take family members back in time to the moments when we were living in different circumstances and realities.

🌱 And authentic stories typically raise curiosity.

How to do it?

🌱 Bring your photos, sit with children and start telling stories and memories that are “hidden” in pictures. Often, one photo is enough to reveal a long story.

🌱 They take people in, engage, teach. We become SOMEONE with a story to tell.

🌱 Watching life photo albums is to see our biographies – and a sense of uniqueness, pride and respect is born.

I hope that my series about “Peace and Joy at Home – The Power of Photography” was inspiring for you.

Stay safe, Do Raniszewska

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