living in peace and returning to harmony

Peace is inside you like deep in the ocean.

Peace is inside you like deep in the ocean.

I found it inside myself.

I can live in peace. I can return to harmony and rest whenever I need.

You can do as well.

There is something trans-material in the heart of our existence. As people, we suffer. We struggle. We strive for. There are also moments of joy, fulfillment and rest.

There is no life without difficult moments, or emotions that are unpleasant. Nevertheless, we are able to transcend them. We admire the beauty of nature. We find trust in an unknown future. Hope, beauty, pleasure give us a sense of freedom and lightness to life. And we can learn to find peace inside us. It resides deep within our hearts.

I will tell you my story of discovering peace. I was looking for it. I was looking for a way to find it in everyday life. I practiced body and movement awareness, meditation and breathing. But in fact, Mooji taught me how to find harmony inside my heart. I understood that peace begins inside me. I found a way to return to it. And I’m writing about it today.

When I feel tired, anxious, restless, confused, when I feel that too much is going on in my head, then I lie down. I close my eyes. I put all my thoughts aside. And I lie there for 10 minutes. I am resting.

When I find peace inside myself, I feel it around me as well. I am in the space of my peace. It begins inside the heart. You can feel it there.

But let’s go deeper into it.

What does it mean to put all my thoughts aside?

It means that I don’t think and put aside plans to be carried out, “to-do” lists, urgent and important things, missions, concerns, desires, needs, assessments. Thoughts will come back. The mind does not sleep for long. Believe me, thoughts will not fade away. So you can put them aside for a few minutes. They can wait.

Also, abandon any relaxation techniques, or motivational thoughts. And for a moment you are just as if empty. You rest in silence and emptiness. You are doing nothing. You simply are.

This is not meditation. It is just resting. Just like animals do on a hot day. You can even keep your eyes open. You are fully aware and you are present.

Notice that when you are in this ‘just-being‘ and don’t think, then you don’t feel any pressure. There is no judgement. There is no rush. There is nothing that makes you uncomfortable. You feel comfortable.

After a few minutes, get up. You will feel when you want to get up. Your body will be relaxed and your mind will be clearer.

I do it every day – even several times a day. Nothing is needed – no gadgets, equipment, techniques. Just allow yourself to put your thoughts aside for a few minutes and be.

This is how you will improve the quality of you life.

 I learned to rest on demand.

 I encourage you – try it. Don’t say ‘I know it’. Knowing and experiencing are two different things.

Experience it now.

 I wish you a real discovery of WHAT is perhaps the most important in life. When you discover peace and harmony within you, you will feel it all around you. There is gentleness, love and sense of security in it.

 This is the power of peace.

living in peace and returning to harmony

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