Take a walk on the windowsill

There was a storm that day. It was raining. 

During the rain, you can take a break to sit on the balcony or windowsill and watch the rain. Drink your tea slowly. Taste it with pleasure. Observe what’s outside the window.

Look up to the sky and the ground under your feet. Enjoy the view. Be happy that you can see a colourful world, hear birds, feel fresh air, wind, temperature.

A moment of rest and slowness – such a “walk on the windowsill”.

It may seem that everything has come to stillness. But when you watch mindfully in silence, you notice that the birds are singing, the branches in the trees are swaying, the air is slightly undulating like water. Everything is moving, but it is moving slowly.

“Slowness” is a small but significant word.

Plant a plant, water it, give it care, love, time, light, attention and it will grow. You will appreciate it after some time. Maybe you have plants on your balcony or windowsill that you care for every day. They grow over time, and you appreciate them more and more.

It may take many years for the plant to grow. And this allows us to see that time is something that helps us grow, mature and calm down in life. You learn to appreciate the time.

Many people say that time is money. Are you sure? Time is duration, development, life.

So often people are focused on finishing something, closing it up, bringing it to an end. But do they notice that life is going on? Do they enjoy what they are doing before they finish it?

Life goes on and now is the time to enjoy it because we are and live in a beautiful world that we can admire and enjoy.

Life is not just about closing, delivering. Life wants openness from us. Let nature guide you at least a little. Listen to the wind, look at the waves, the river current, watch the rain outside – it calms you down. When you look at the cornfields waving in the wind or the river or listen to the murmur of the forest, you return to yourself, to your soul. And that’s enough for you to feel good.

So let nature guide you from time to time. Notice that our Mother Earth offers what we need to live.

Below a photo from my walk on the windowsill.

Photo by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash

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