“Sunrise – My moment of the Day” and a photo on my desk

I took this photo during a bird-watching at sunrise with my son. It shows “My moment” of the day πŸ€ – it is when I’m in nature at sunrise, observing how the world wakes up, listening to delicate sounds of early morning and bird voices, feeling the fresh air. It is a moment of full connection when I feel to be truly a part of the universe.

And what is Your Moment?

Having the photo of “My Moment” on my desk helps me to relax during my working day. When I see it, I immediately feel a bigger space inside myself.

No rush. No stress. Life is the now.

I recommend you watch this film “Waves – A Portrait of Maria Γ‘ Heygum“. It inspired me a lot some years ago and I have watched this film many times and share with many people. It helped me to put in words “MY Moment” πŸ™‚

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