AHA™ – photos that inspire!

Let me announce “AHA™ – photos that inspire.

My new tool with original photos and coaching questions. AHA™ is the original collection of photographs and coaching questions about photos that I have created and make it possible for other people to use them. It includes 48 inspiring photos that evoke emotions, stimulate deep reflection, facilitate you to tell your story. 12 powerful question cards that initiate valuable conversations. A practical introductory guide. AHA™ is a powerfulelegant, and easy-to-use tool that takes communication to an entirely new level as everyone who sees a photo creates their own associations.

Photographs trigger open, insightful, and honest dialogue. The choice of the photographs in this deck has been made in terms of positive work. Their task is to open our minds to what is essential in life to pursue personal satisfaction, health, happiness, and self-realization: “It is about dreams, relationships, feelings, motivations, faith in the future, self-confidence, identity, values, living in the environment.” The images illustrate mindfulness, leaning towards the sun, optimism, searching for sense, appreciation of beautiful moments in life, the awe of the world, and admiration for humanity’s best sides. All photos capture genuine moments and fragments of reality.

Sometimes it is hard to dream. Sometimes it is hard to say what we feel. Sometimes it is difficult to shift our perceptions from lack to abundance. AHA™ helps to refocus our attention and look at what we DO have. Once we can see it in a concrete form, e.g. visualize our dreams, it becomes easier to use or develop what we have. AHA™ was designed to help people refocus in this way. It is very important because we can use our strengths and resources only when we see them in us. For instance, the ability to regulate our emotions, to be human, to hope, dream, undertake actions, be brave, wise, fair… Everything is in us 😊

And if you are interested in learning more about AHA™, contact me directly or check on my website. Link to AHA on my website

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