Design and rollout of the Photography in Coaching Course online

🙋‍♀️Important and interesting information about the “Photography in Coaching” course in October: If you are interested in participating, you are invited to a half-hour meeting devoted to how online learning will be organized over time – modules, frequency, intensity, group sessions synchronous versus individual work.

This short meeting is scheduled on Zoom on August 6th, next Thursday at 4:30 pm Central European Time – Warsaw time.

I will record it.

If you want to take part in this short information meeting – please let me know at and I will send you the invitation to Zoom. See you there 🙂 Dorota

WHY this meeting?

After the webinar on July 9th, several people wrote to me about their will to participate in the training and I had a couple of individual conversations with those who are truly interested in it. Some expressed concern that the online course for 3 full days non-stop was too intensive. I think that it can be right. Since March 2020, I have already conducted many individual training sessions as well as one large developmental project with photography for a group of 12 people and this experience has shown me that working in 2-3 hour sessions every week is probably greatest. Then learning is effective, efficient and can be well integrated into everyday work and duties.

So alternatively to the 3-days online course, we can have a process of 8 weeks when one session of 2 hours every week:

  • meeting #1 Group integration meeting,
  • meetings #2-7 Six modules on Photography in Coaching
  • meeting #8 Integration and wrap up, celebrating

That would be a change in the way the course can be implemented in response to the submitted ideas and current experience.

If you are interested in participating in the course, I cordially invite you to this short information meeting next Thursday on August 6th. During the meeting, I will tell you exactly how the course can be organised. Moreover, You will be able to know each other with people who are interested in taking part – and I think that it is always a nice thing.

For more information about the Photography in Coaching course, come here: HERE