I see and hear you

„I see and hear you” – Interview with Anna Lagosz – Anna Łagosz Photography, July 2, 2020 – Interview in Polish, English transcription below the film:

Dorota: I am with Anna Łagosz today. Anna is a portrait photographer.

Recently, we had a chance to work together for a few months since Anna decided to take an individual development program on Photography in Coaching. Today we celebrate and share our impressions. Thank you so much Anna, for having agreed to talk.

Anna: I am very happy that you invited me.

D: First, I would like to ask you what was important to you in this program.

A: Lots of important things.

First of all, I decided on it. And then, the online version worked well. We meet online, we had tools to do it, we used them, did something important and entered deep into the process. I am glad that I had such an opportunity.

Then engagement and trust. I knew you were a trustful person. I did all the exercises without postponing until later, and thanks to that we did a lot. And I feel that it has gone deep for me.

We worked one to one, in a virtual room and most of our work happened as in a coaching session – we practised based on your topics and with your photos. Our work became a combination of an individual development program and coaching. It was a unique experience.

But I would like to ask you something else. I admit that you are not the only photographer who comes to me for these programs and both photographers from Poland and abroad want to learn photography in coaching. How does it happen?

I followed my intuition. When we talked for the first time, I realized that you have a very similar sensitivity to mine. Also, you put into words what I have long felt and done. So in meeting you, I felt that two compatible components came together: photography and human connection. You speak my language. We talk in a similar way about the most important things for me.

The most valuable to me as a photographer was that I could see myself. Because every day when I take portraits, I show to the people how they look like and what they are. They can see themselves in my photos. And here I could watch and rediscover myself, see myself from a different angle. I was discovering my qualities for myself, but I have them as a photographer as well. So it worked inside and out, both ways. I saw how valuable my work can be, and this awareness helps me to grow.

D: I hear from many people who do photography that the relationship in photography works the same way as in coaching when two people trust each other and the clients meet themselves and I assist them as a coach or photographer. People meet and uncover themselves before your camera and they trust you. The same as coaching, portrait photography has a significant ingredient of empathy and assistance. And for photographers coaching becomes a way to better understand the nature of this relationship, including its intimacy and uniqueness.

So what would you say to other photographers?

A: That personal development is a very valuable experience for photographers if we do our work with love and care. Taking portraits is not about our equipment but who we are – the lenses we see through, how we feel and who we become for others.

I saw that photography is a language to know ourselves. And everything we did in the exercises provided that language – when looking at the past with the photo-album, or looking at the presence with photo-journal of joy as well as finding motivation for the future with new photos. I still discover a multitude of meanings and purposes. And it is important for my private and professional life. Especially given that I work with people and create portraits and the relationship matters. I think that the relationship which we have with ourselves as photographers influences our work with the clients.

D: As always, if you work with people you need to have a good relationship with yourself first.

And this is about seeing and hearing. When we worked together, I could clearly experience from you the “I hear you”. And in my work of a portrait photographer I give to the clients: “I see you”.

And this is how the connection happens for me: I hear you and see you. But first, I hear and see myself. And then, I can hear and see you.

D: Thank you Anna

A: Thank you

D: I wish you lots of good and all who watch us let me invite you for portrait sessions with Anna.

A: I hope so. I feel that through our work I have lots of new energy and new perspectives on what I do as well as how deep it can take me and my clients.

D: Thank you and all the best, bye, bye

A: Byeee

2nd July, 2020

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