Photography can be a way to regain a sense of meaning and direction

Welcome to the fourth part of the “Peace and Joy at Home – The Power of Photography” article. Today, I share about keeping a photo-diary in order to regain a sense of meaning and direction.
🌱 Photography can be a way to regain a sense of meaning and direction – this is, to achieve something valuable over time. It is about keeping a photo-journal with the idea to implement a task in a consistent way over a period of time.
🌱 As a reward, you discover that you can focus on something you had decided to do and accomplish it.
🌱 If you keep a photo diary for 21 days, you get a real chance to experience having more focus in your life.
🌱 To do this, you need small but daily steps. Do it on ease, with no pressure.

How to do it?
🌱Choose the topic of a photo-journal that will be valuable to you in the near future. For example, if you need to learn to take care of yourself, you can look after each morning with a special look and take a picture of yourself. With each photo, write how you feel when you see yourself and what you like. Imagine how you will feel after 21 days with such a series of photos and affirmations about you!
🌱Another idea on the same subject is a beautifully composed and served meal.
🌱Still another topic, for example, if you are looking for more to appreciate everyday life, take photos of the weather outside and describe what the weather is like, how the air smells, how birds sing.

How to use it at home with your family?
🌱Appoint home editors or journalists, if you prefer on various topics: cooking, portraits of family members, the advent of spring. And so on.

I hope you find this inspiration useful. Next week, I will write about story-telling based on personal photos to build respect and a sense of uniqueness.

Stay safe, Do Raniszewska

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