Did you know that family photos can help to strengthen the sense of security and self-esteem in children and adolescents?

🍀 Yeas, family photos can help to strengthen the sense of security and self-esteem in children and adolescents.🍀

Recall your parents’ home. Probably on the shelves or on the dresser, there are family photos, e.g. from holidays spent together. Why do your parents keep these pictures on display? To have you close to themselves, to feel your presence at home. These photos bring back the nice moments that they want to remember. They show the continuity of the biography. They remind you of the uniqueness of your own life. They show the value of shared experiences. And that gives you a sense of meaning. What do family photos “say” from the wall? They say only good things that we naturally want to hear about ourselves. Such as I love you, our family is important.
🍀Therefore, they are valuable in building a sense of security and self-esteem in children. Hanged on the wall, they inform that the family is united and unique and that children are an important part of it. It is worth hanging a family photo in a children’s room so that children before falling asleep and after waking up see it as the first information that they are not alone, but together with the loved ones.
🍀Such information means for the child’s brain the safety of being in a family. They also allow us to cultivate a sense of value, uniqueness and sense. They are a way to celebrate family life.
🍀How to choose photos and who should do it? The easiest way would be to do it yourself. But there is a better way – involve children. Invite each family member to choose a few photos from your vacation, holidays or everyday life that they especially like. Together you can decide on their composition and place where they will be exposed. Maybe you will do one common collage, or everyone will find their own photo corner at home.
🍀I hope you find this inspiration useful. ☀️

Next week, I will write about photography as a practice of mindfulness, which helps to stop the race of thoughts and restore inner peace. Do Raniszewska

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