“Peace and Joy at Home – The Power of Photography”

How to use our photos to give yourself moments of peace, joy, relaxation for the brain, and to support children and family in building emotional harmony? Starting from tomorrow, I invite you to read about the positive effects of photography on our mind. I will share practices that have a positive impact on our mind and relationships at home in times of uncertainty, fear, sadness, and staying at home:
🌱family photos at home to support a sense of security and self-esteem,
🌱photography as a practice of mindfulness, which restores inner peace,
🌱photo-diaries, which are a regular source of positive emotions, introduce routine and continuity,
🌱photography as fun, which gives the family moments of joy and develops creative skills,
🌱story-telling based on personal photos to build respect and a sense of uniqueness.
These are elements of my personal development practice for many years which I would like to share it with you in the coming weeks. You will receive five inspirations for the coming days and weeks, and maybe for longer. See you again tomorrow, Dorota Raniszewska

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