“Traces” is an inspiring ✨photo project by Tina Ruisinger. I knew Tina recently since she is going to participate in this course ONE IMAGE MANY WORDS in March 2020🙏. “For ten years, Tina photographed all the things that are left behind when one dies. In doing so, she focused not only on death, but also on the lives of those left behind. The objects are depicted out of their original context. As an artist, she is committed to a topic that remains taboo.” – this is what we read in the introduction to her work. I was very moved when I first saw “Traces” by Tina Ruisinger. It inspired me by its depth and simplicity. And, it reminded me about a series of photos of my mother at home entitled “In the reach of her hand” that I had taken 5 years ago. I wanted to explore how memories are at the reach of our hands. And they usually are present in many places at home…
I invite you to watch this sensitive project “Traces” by Tina Ruisinger. And I’m very curious about what will be your inspiration. If you want to comment below my post about your discoveries, please do so. I wish you an inspiring weekend!