What is your most important photo of this year and why?

Today, I offered myself a moment of pause and watched the photos I’ve taken this year. These were the photos from my holiday and work, showing unforgettable moments with my son, friends, places that inspired me. I posed myself a question: What are the most precious photos of this year? I chose five which you can see below. Then, I asked myself another question – Which was the most important picture of this year and why? Ane what is important to me in this photo?

The most important photo is the one with my son. I took it in Summer when we went on a one day trip together to a beautiful nature reserve that he loves very much. I saw him outside, far from home and city where we live. I saw how he was able to navigate in nature, take decisions, be fully engaged. I saw that he became an adult. I was fascinated by how wonderful he looked, strong, beautiful. And I realise how tiny I am on his side, his mother. I still keep the image of his little body when he was born in my heart. The picture is now on my desk, and I watch it every moment with love. This is the most important picture of the year for me.

“The image is an essential element of how I experience the world. From birth onwards, I see and observe the world. When a child is as young as one year, one-and-a-half, two, he or she begins to draw, using drawing as a form of expression. Creating. Composing answers using lines, circles, triangles, tangled lines. Painting his or her own thoughts, reactions, observations. Parents show their children picture books or family albums. They take pictures of the child on occasions both minor and major, the fleeting highs of family life, each new step the child takes, accomplishments, amusing situations. This is how memories are made. Until the day this child, sitting with his friends from school or with his or her own children, takes out an album, opens up a folder of pictures on a computer and… begins to remember a multitude of little stories and events. And a legend is born… And becomes someone. Someone with a history. A prankster. The hero of a certain tale. An album is a form of proof. And the moment any self-doubt begins to set in, these photographs are a reminder of what that he lived through, what was created in the past and the path that was travelled. Possibly, it can play a part in raising someone up after a fall or to make the decision to change one’s life. Or, simply, to share this valuable souvenir with one’s grandchildren.” – this is an excerpt from my book ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing, and education. Notes from a personal journey that you can find on Amazon.com

I don’t want to put the picture with my son on my blog because it is too personal. Besides, it is an image of him, with his face and body so I decided to not to publish it publically. You can see the other five most important photos, however. Each of them tells a story of a trip or inspiration. Each of them is a record of my life and my values.

And you? What is your most important photo of the year? Choose and take a moment to reflect on why it is so valuable. Stay open to surprises!

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Mary Christmas and Happy New Year! Dorota Raniszewska

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