Early bird till 10 January 2020. Photography is created from such intangible phenomena as light and time.

Ho ho ho! Remember about gifts! The early bird is waiting for you till 10 January! ❄️💫🎉✨ Photography is created from such intangible phenomena as light and time. But how imperishable it becomes over the years! Resistant to elements – water, wind and sun. Photography is like a fairy who can pause time and bring back memories of the past. It captures the present moment and preserves the past. You can see it today, now, and see it again in the future – in your family home, on the shelf, in the album.

Photography recounts everything about you – your dreams, your values. It holds onto what memory forgets. It shows you places you wouldn’t see on your own. It can make dreams come true – of seeing the north pole, the Earth from the moon or a child, calm in the womb. It might be just casual fun or it might be a passion. It documents our curiosity of the world. It invites us for a walk. It allows for a moment of relief from sadness and loneliness. It occupies the mind with creative doings. You can take photos at home, in a hospital, during a long road trip or at the holiday table.

Wishing you a day full of smiles and warmth. Dorota Raniszewska

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Text in English (translated from Polish) – Katarzyna Lis

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