On 18-20 March 2020, I invite you to Warsaw, Poland to join my unique, inspiring, hands-on course “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in Coaching and Personal Development”. This course has the ICF credentials and is worth 18,5 CCEU – 10 CC (core competencies) and 8,5 RD (resource development). Taught in English. Handouts in English.
photography in coaching and personal development

What is important in it for you?
As a coach, you probably want to make the coaching you do stand out as memorable, inspire your clients to authenticity, unblock thoughts and emotions. Photographs make it easier and faster. I’ve been using photos and clients’ snapshots for a couple of years already and I’m always amazed how they are very helpful in enhancing self-reflection and deeper insight, finding new perspectives, giving the voice to intuition, the raise of emotions and lead to engagement, ‘aha’ moments. They also help to break the ice and get out of a rut.

Description of the course:
The course designed for coaches, therapists, and art therapists, social workers, counsellors. It is a 3-day fully experiential course in using photos and photo-taking in Coaching and Personal Development in order to deepen insights, catalyze communication, and increase motivation to change. You’ll learn how to use photos to help to break the ice, get out of a rut, shift perspective and create ‘aha’ moments. You will learn how clients’ snapshots can serve as records of clients’ resources and ways to better understand the self.
It is an outstanding program developed based on solid and diverse experience, creative approach, passion and authenticity by Dorota Raniszewska, a Coach and Trainer, the author of “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing, and education. Notes from a personal journey’, a unique book on using photography in coaching and personal development – available on Amazon.

Agenda in a nutshell:
Day 1 Ethics * Photos as space, bridge, a record of Client’ resources * Personal meanings of the photos * Visual Metaphors of emotions, life situations, mind states * Working around values with the use of portraits and profile photos * PhotoAlbums as life stories and bridges to the future. Photo-based icebreakers and team integration activities.
Day 2 Experiencing photo-taking as a thinking process and internal dialogue * Photos and communication * Coaching session with Photos * Questions to the photos for Coaches.
Day 3 Client Photos used for exploration and a better understanding of relationships * Using art and embodiment techniques along with Photos. * Visualizing the future with photos.

Activities with the participants’ own photos, photo-taking in the space outside, mini-coaching sessions, sharing in pairs. Subject-matter content. Pre-work to be done. Examples from professional coaching practice. Any artistic or technical background or skills related to photography is not required from the participants. No photo-camera required during the course.

Some feedback from the participants:
“High quality, variety of topics, profound, authentic, practical. It enlarged and deepened my insights on a personal and professional level.” Nicole Woltmann, Germany
“Yes, yes, yes. Great workshop, lots of learnings and wonderful atmosphere. One of the best workshops I ever attended.” Sina Niemeyer, Germany

About the trainer:
The course is led by Dorota Raniszewska, expert, pioneer, and promotor of Photography in Coaching and Personal Development, recognized in the field of professional coaching. Dorota is a life and motivation coach, trainer, author of books and many articles who made her mission to inspire people to fulfil their dreams and dare to self-realize. An expert in the field of Photography in Coaching and Personal Development. Licensed Motivational Maps™ Consultant, Certified Trainer in Points of You®. In the years 1997-2009 manager and consultant in HR: strategy, training and development, performance management and succession planning, in the banking sector, and consulting. She has been running her original development programs since 2009. Involved in social pro-public work for women and people with cancer. For several years, she has been actively developing Techniques of Photography in Coaching and Development. In 2019 she published on Amazon her book entitled ‘ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing and education. Notes from a personal journey’. She graduated from Professional Coaching studies at Kozminski University in Warsaw and French Philology at Warsaw University.

Investment in You:
Fee: 530 EUR. Early bird by January 10, 2019: 470 EUR. This fee includes participation in the 3-day course, printed materials, certificates, coffee breaks, lunches. Plus, an unforgettable personal journey, wonderful atmosphere and unique professional experience.

For more information call to Dorota at +48 608 793 352 or e-mail her at dorota@obrazwcoachingu.pl Website: photo-in-coaching.com