photos in leadership and team development and coaching

Photos in Team and Leadership Coaching. Help me to win!

I have an opportunity to present Techniques of photography and photographs in coaching and personal development to a big stage at a very big HR Congress in May this year if my entry in this competition wins the most votes. I dream about giving a speech & presentation about “Photos in Team and Leadership Coaching“. If you want to help me share those Techniques with the world, you can go to the voting page below and click the blue button directly above my film (and just Ignore a questionnaire that pops up after pushing the button).

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Thank you very, very much! Dorota

Few words about my presentation about Photos in Team and Leadership Coaching:

What I want to talk about to a very large group of HR leaders in my country are photos as tools in leadership and team development. Photos as a material for the thinking process, photos as metaphors that help to express what is not easy to express in two or three words, or to express what is important, authentic, and what comes from a very individual reflection in an inspiring and engaging way, photos as communication catalyst among team members, photos used in order to stimulate a deep self-reflection, an open self-expression, group dialogue. I want to talk about how photos produce engagement in the brain, and engagement is necessary for the change to happen. Because a change is possible only when emotions enter into the game. I want to talk about how photos can support true leadership development, not teaching how to manage people, but to lead a reflection that changes the vision of oneself: „Who I am as a leader? What legacy do I want to leave? What change do I want to make in this world, in my company, in my team, in my family, in my life? How do I create a work-life environment where people can feel happy at work, where there is no exclusion,…”

Photos are wonderful in stimulating those thinking and reflection processes. I’ve been working with teams and individual people using photos for a couple of years already. And I feel ready to talk about it loud to a larger audience.

photos in leadership and team development and coaching