photographs speak about us

Photographs speak about us

Each photo we take has a beginning. It is an impulse from inside our minds as we see something. It can be stairs, turning points, curvy lines that cross the straight lines, the borders and the horizons, green grass and rust.

We discover ourselves “out there,” as the images we see around us are the pieces of ourselves we can sense within us.

We can understand our paths step by step, piece by piece, day by day as we take pictures. Photographs are like mirrors that reflect our lives.



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One thought on “Photographs speak about us

  1. Do, I totally agree with what you have written above, especially your last comment (about photos being like mirrors), which I also believe very strongly. I remember when we first met and the things you said about these topics reminded me of my own thoughts about the same things! I am so glad to find a colleague (who has now become also a friend), who “thinks the same way I do” about the power ordinary snapshots have in our lives! I’m really happy to see this article, AND your new English-version website!!


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